ETV/ETM 214/216 Reach Truck




Capacity 3,000-3,500 lbs.Reach trucks, forklift, lift trucks, narrow-aisle forklifts

Powerful and efficient 3-phase AC drive, lift and steer control

Compact reach truck design for maximum maneuverability

Ergonomic and spacious operator compartment

Energy regeneration during braking

The right performance package to meet your application's needs

The ETV/ETM 214/216 series of reach trucks provides optimal operating conditions for efficient stacking and retrieval at high lift heights and in narrow aisles.  Whether handling pallets, working in drive-in racking or operating in single or multi-shift applications, these reach trucks are the ideal solution.


Enhanced operator comfortReach trucks, forklift, lift trucks, narrow-aisle forklifts, Jungheinrich
Designed with the operator in mind, the ETV 2 series of reach trucks feature:  

  • Comfortable seat with adjustment options (seat position, backrest, body weight) for every operator.
  • Easy-to-access operating controls.
  • Generous space available in  operator compartment.
  • 3-phase AC steering (180º/360º) with optimum steering wheel position.
  • Automatic positioning of sideshift (center position) at the touch of a button (optional).
  • Automatic horizontal positioning of forks (with fork tilt) at the touch of a button (optional).
  • Several storage areas provide extra space for operator equipment.

Jungheinrich proprietary 3-phase AC technology
The reach truck comes equipped with powerful 3-phase AC technology in drive, lift and steering motors, offering several advantages over traditional DC motors, including:

  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Ability to operate the lift truck for up to two shifts on a single battery charge in many applications.
  • Curve Control, which provides automatic speed reduction during cornering, allows for enhanced security for both the product and operator, especially in confined areas.
  • Ability for quick forklift directional changes without delay.
  • Greater operational availability due to maintenance-free motors without carbon brushes, brush springs or commutators.

Enhanced visibility for the operator

Jungheinrich masts provide maximum space utilization at high lift heights.

  • Enhanced visibility towards the load.
  • Patented mast-reach cushioning, with travel speed automatically reduced to crawl speed if the load is raised above the free-lift height.
  • Integrated sideshift.
  • Low collapsed heights combined with high lift heights.
  • Choice of mast tilt or fork tilt above certain lift heights.
  • Extremely long lifespan due to high-quality mast profiles.
  • High residual capacity at high lift heights.
  • Lift heights up to 34 feet.


Easy-to-read operator display

The lift truck's high-quality control panel displays the most important operating data:

  • Travel direction and wheel position display.
  • 180º/360º steering mode.
  • Battery state-of-charge with residual running time display.
  • Three adjustable travel programs to suit every application.
  • Operating hours and clock.
  • Lift height (optional).
  • Center position sideshift (optional).

Performance enhancing options
The moving mast reach truck can also be customized with several performance enhancing option packages based on the specific application's needs:

  • Drive plus option can increase speed by 2 mph.
  • Lift Plus option can increase loaded lift speeds by more than 30 fpm.
  • Lift control option provides increased tilt and reach speeds up to specific lift heights and load weights.
  • Operation control option provides a warning sound and an icon that indicates when the operator has reached maximum capacity at a perticular lift height.
  • Multiple LED light options available, including the choice of plastic lens, multiple mounting positions and the option to automatically illuminate lights depending on the direction the reach truck is traveling.